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About Open Doors

Public support won for projects representing ~$10.4 billion 
in capital

Open Doors is about winning hearts and minds. That’s today’s requirement to see projects through to their successful completion. Relying on eminent domain alone is no longer enough.


Plans made in the board room must be translated and explained to the local citizen in their living room. Only then will plans drawn on paper materialize into steel. 


Open Doors Public Relations can:


  • Strategize a specific community engagement plan that will align community and media relations, marketing communications and government affairs;

  • Partner with project developers to help secure air permits and certificates of public convenience and necessity;

  • Develop allies who will provide support at public engagements; and

  • Avoid pitfalls and costly time delays that threaten your project.


We bring years of experience working with developers, contractors, elected and regulatory officials, influential stakeholders, organized labor, community groups, and national and local members of the media. 


We also bring a first-hand understanding of the opposition’s playbook. We know how to anticipate their actions and can take steps to preempt their effectiveness.


Time kills deals. Let me show you how we can help save yours.


All the best,



Bill Pentak, Principal

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