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Open Doors Public Relations will create and manage a tailor-made, turn-key strategy to win public support for your industrial or commercial project. Open Doors will provide:


A Proactive Community Engagement Plan Including:

  • An in-depth community analysis

  • A critical issues assessment

  • Key-influencer identification including homeowners; civic, religious, business, labor and environmental organizations; elected officials; journalists; local activists and influential citizens

  • Identification of allies and opposition

  • One-on-one meetings; event planning
    and execution


  • Corporate philanthropy plan

  • Selection of a local community relations firm
    if needed

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A Strategic Media Relations Plan Including:

  • Reporter IFF (identification friend or foe) assessment

  • Reporter outreach

  • Responding to media inquiries

  • Creation of media alerts and news releases

  • Online, print, TV, and radio media monitoring

  • Social media planning and monitoring

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A Practical Government Affairs Plan Including:

  • Elected official IFF

  • Elected official engagement

  • Collateral creation (talking points, presentations)

  • Selection of a lobbyist if needed

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A Comprehensive Communications Plan Including:

  • Contextual analysis

  • Issue messaging and management

  • Channel selection

  • Crisis communications

  • Generating A Brighter Futuread campaigns

  • Identification of corporate support requirements

  • Project artist rendering

  • Project website

  • Talking points and FAQs

  • Project videos

  • Handouts, signage, fact sheets, etc.

  • PowerPoint presentation template

  • Branding if needed

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